Advanced Spiritual Training

Are you ready to go deeper?

Advanced Training with the Order of the Mystical Christ

We honor each person’s unique journey and offer training for every level of interest.

The Order of the Mystical Christ is dedicated to the Great Work, which has been the focus of the Christian Mystery Schools for 2,000 years. The Great Work is a process of conscious evolution toward the realization of the full human potential. The full human potential was demonstrated to us through the lives of Jesus Christ and Mary Sophia who had total mastery over the physical plane and were in total union with God. The Masters Jesus Christ and Mary Sophia are our Teachers, Meditators and Redeemers. They are the primary channels through which we experience the limitless reality of God and we fully adhere to the Christian path. At the same time, we honor all paths to God and we appreciate — and in many cases have integrated — the mystical wisdom of many world religions, as the mystics of all ages have done. We employ the ancient spiritual practices of metaphysics, alchemy, and mysticism through the modern lenses of psychology and the physical sciences.

Rather than a path of reclusiveness and asceticism (like monks living on a high mountain) we have embraced the transformative power of everyday life. We have found that the daily challenges of modern life offer plentiful material for transformation if they are embraced with consciousness and expanded awareness.

The Great Work can be done in pieces or can be embarked on with total commitment and devotion. We offer training for those who wish to step on the way of transformation for a brief journey and those who feel the calling of their soul-nature to dive into the Great Work with their whole beings. No one can tell you how deeply you are called in this life. We are all on soul-journey that has lasted hundreds of thousands of years and will continue for many more millennium. We honor each person’s unique journey and offer training for every level of interest.

Those who have completed the Transformative Mysticism and Metaphysics series are invited to prepare for the first spiritual initiation (mystical Baptism) as well as attend the Core Curriculum series that runs over the course of a year. The Core Curriculum series is designed to expand the consciousness of the students and provide them with a base of teachings that will expand their consciousness, plus offer regular spiritual experiences that will develop their capacity to attune to the spiritual world.


Spiritual Apprenticeship

For those who feel called to a more intensive spiritual training, we offer an spiritual apprenticeship. Apprentices are given a direct spiritual advisor who directs their spiritual work and offers regular counseling and support. The apprenticeship is a focused spiritual curriculum that includes the training of one’s body, mind and heart for the purpose of unfolding the true soul-nature within. Apprentices engage in daily spiritual exercises which are alchemically designed to awaken the soul-forces in the apprentice and to clear away the obstacles to an illumined heart, mind and body.


Ministry and Priesthood

Some of our apprentices discover a soul-calling to ministry as they grow on the Spiritual Path. We offer training in three kinds of Ministry. We train and bless those who are called to Lay Ministry. And we train and ordain those called to Ordained Ministry and/or Priesthood. Our ministry and priesthood ordinations are offered to any member who has completed the training and who has demonstrated the capacity to be a powerful channel for love, grace and truth. People of all genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities are included in all levels of ministry and service in our Order.