Unbreak Yourself: Parts-Work As A Spiritual Practice

Online Retreat: February 4th – 6th, 2022

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WINTER 2022 Live Online retreat

Unbreak Yourself:

Parts-Work as a Spiritual Practice

We are all broken in one way or another by the difficulties in life and while trying to mend ourselves we often build emotional patterns that do not serve us well. In this retreat you will learn how to begin the “unbreaking process” which not only offers a structure for self-healing but also a way to harvest your deepest inner gifts. 

‘Parts work’ is a method of understanding how to relate to ourselves in a way that honors the complexity of our inner world and allows us to build inner harmony. In this retreat you will be introduced to a unique system of emotional and spiritual healing that will allow you to uncover your most authentic and joyful self.

This Retreat

It begins Friday afternoon and continues through live events and interactive elements Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

There are breaks for meals and time for socializing and personal reflection built into each day. 

Also Included:

-Seven presentations with live Q and A  

-Three small breakout group meetings

-Guided meditations every morning

-The opportunity to meet with one of our highly trained spiritual advisers to get personalized advice. 

Retreat Dates and Cost

The winter retreat is offered online February 4th – February 6th, 2022. 

The cost for retreat is $350 with the option of making two payments of $175.

First time attendees receive $100 off retreat registration when they use the code: FIRSTRETREAT.  


what we are

What are the Sophia Wisdom Centers?

Modern Mystics?

We are modern mystics, which means we have found that deepest truths cannot just be taught- they must be experienced. We apply ancient wisdom to modern life to fuel deep awakening to the power of God within you.

We offer ancient Christian sacraments combined with spiritual practices that integrate cutting edge applications of modern science. We provide potent and personalized spiritual direction within loving, authentic and vibrant communities. 

We are an open and affirming community. We welcome people of all faiths, races, ethnicities, genders, and orientations. 

Our Locations

We have locations in 5 cities:

-Seattle, Washington

-Fort Collins, Colorado

-Minneapolis, Minnesota

-Cambridge, Massachusetts

-New Haven, Connecticut

And everywhere Online

Contact Us at: 

612.516.3012 or 


who we are

Our Adept Teachers

Isadora Tures

Isadora Tures

Adept Teacher

Isadora is a Priest and Adept Teacher in the Christian Mystical Tradition. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology and she is currently the Executive Director of the Order of the Mystical Christ and the Sophia Wisdom Centers. She is a national speaker and author. She brings humor and deep insight into her work as a spiritual Teacher. She excels at bringing a simplicity to complex spiritual topics without compromising depth.

Christi Doucet

Christi Doucet

Adept Teacher

Christi is a Priest and Adept Teacher in the Christian Mystical Tradition. She found her passion for understanding the complexity of human beings and the sacredness of life when she worked as a Nurse-Midwife in France, her country of origin. In the USA, she now works as a Family Support Specialist. As a spiritual teacher, she brings her deep compassion and acceptance into all aspects of her teachings, helping others to integrate these teachings into their daily lives and to remember their divine nature.

Katherine Wilson

Katherine Wilson

Adept Teacher

Katherine is a Christian Mystical Priest and Adept Teacher in the Christian Mystical Tradition. She runs the Fort Collins Sophia Wisdom Center and loves to be part of a thriving spiritual community committed to expanding consciousness, opening hearts with compassion and knowing God within. Trained as a psychotherapist, nurse practitioner and mother of three, she brings a grounded, practical patience to the unfolding divine mystery within each one.  

Daniel Knight

Daniel Knight

Adept Teacher

Daniel is a Priest and Adept Teacher in the Christian Mystical Tradition. He is a powerful author and speaker. He is also a CFO and an entrepreneur. Daniel’s spiritual passions include  promoting an egalitarian, inclusive, and fresh look at the ancient mystery teachings of the Christian path and promoting real ways to move from life’s disappointments, wounds, and histories into a continual state of self-love

Fall in love with your own soul

Find deep peace

Experience authentic community

Open to divine love

Feel fully connected

Feel elevated

Heal old wounds

Awaken to new possibilities

Get Inspired


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend some of the sessions and not others of the retreat?

This retreat is designed to be an immersive experience. The sessions and discussion will build on one another so we do not recommend coming to some sessions and not others. But, if you have to miss one session you can definitely still attend. 

Who will be leading the small groups?

Our ministers from across the country will be leading a small groups. They are a fantastic group of people who are highly trained in our practices. 

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, there is a payment plan option that includes two payments. Both payments need to be completed before retreat begins. 


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