Who We Are

Sophia Wisdom Centers are nonprofit spiritual schools and communities across the country that are dedicated to expanding consciousness, opening hearts with compassion, and helping others realize God within. We offer spirituality and meditation classes in-person and online, teaching how to live a spiritually connected life in today’s modern world.

We honor all paths to God. We have been called to follow the Christian path, but we are not a church that requires adherence to a specific theology in order to be a member. In fact, we value personal experience over ideology and invite you learn free of expectation that you must believe what we teach.

Sophia Wisdom Centers are rooted in a tradition not everyone is immediate familiar with: the Christian Mystical tradition. Many are familiar with Christianity, but wonder about what a mystical approach to Christianity is like. Mysticism describes seeking understanding through direct experience. It is that experience that leads us to begin to understand the nature and reality of God.

“A renewed interest in Christian mysticism is emerging in the Western world, and it comes at a time when church attendance and membership are at all time lows. What are people finding in mysticism that they are not finding in the churches? Mysticism has never been about theological concepts and rules for ‘good’ behavior. It is not about how to earn heaven or avoid hell. Mysticism always is about a soul’s profound and heartrending relationship with God.” –  Mother Clare Watts

In a mystical approach, we have two major avenues of discovery.

  1. We reflect on the metaphysical patterns in creation and also within spiritual texts and scriptures.
  2. We offer communion and practice devotion, prayer and meditation.

Our path has been formed from the science of spiritual unfolding which has been continually developed and passed down by mystics for thousands of years. This is a mystical path and mystics are spiritual scientists. We offer you the tools to investigate and experience a deeper reality for yourself.

If you desire to understand yourself and God, we encourage you to develop a better understanding of the basic patterns of the natural world for yourself. Once you have learned to quiet your mind and emotions, you can pay more attention to subtle energies, and ultimately you can develop a greater spiritual understanding that is based in personal experience. This is the mystical path.