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We are so glad that that you are here. We offer meditation, classes and events — both online and in person.

Love, Wisdom, Joy

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What We Do

Sunday Services

These powerful services combine a traditional church service with unique Christian mystical teachings designed to inspire and support your personal spiritual journey.

Free Transformational Mysticism and Metaphysics Course

Your heart and mind are incredibly powerful forces for transforming your life. This class is simple enough for beginners and deep enough to provide new insights to long-term practitioners.

Advanced Spiritual Training

The goal of any good teacher is to give the student a framework for their own discovery. Students receive one-on-one exercises and training that bring them closer to knowing their own creative power.

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Where We Do It

Access the New Haven Online Chapel

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844 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511

New Haven Sophia Wisdom Center

When We Do It

Check out the New Haven Sophia Wisdom Center schedule for spiritual classes and services and register online for classes.

Sunday Service

Sunday Service begins at 9:30 AM Eastern time

Sunday Services are uplifting, inspiring and deepening in consciousness. The Service includes singing, prayer, and a sermon that is relevant to the process of spiritual development. It also includes a powerful and transformative Communion Service. Each Service begins with a half-hour of silent or guided meditation that allows each person to quiet his or her mind and prepare to take in the blessings of the Service and Communion. The collective community chapel we form together is full of peace, love and the palpable Presence of God.

Our Mission

We are a 501c3 nonprofit mystical Christian organization based on the principles of love, kindness, freedom and deep inner relationship with God.