Once you have learned to quiet your mind and emotions you can pay more attention to subtle energies, and ultimately you can develop a greater spiritual understanding that is based in personal experience. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to find relaxation, reduce stress, find greater self-awareness and learn about who you really are.

Meditation Classes
If you’d like to learn how to meditate, try a drop-in meditation class or sign up for a Meditation and Healing class, which is designed for beginning meditators. You can take classes or join guided meditations in-person in the following cities, or you can join other learners online!

Boston, MA
Fort Collins, CO
Minneapolis, MN
New Haven, CT
Seattle, WA


“In our school, we sometimes say that meditation is the workbench of our spiritual practice.” – Mother Clare Watts

Drop-in To Yourself is a drop-in class, meaning there are no long-term obligations or registration needed. The instructor for each class may rotate between trained practitioners to offer some variety to your experience. Guided meditations are free, open to the public and do not require registration. Visit our calendar to find a guided meditation near you, or join us online.

Free Guided Meditation
Experience freedom from negative thoughts and feelings. Focus your energy on healing through River of Healing, a 22-minute guided meditation that gently guides you through the process of healing and acceptance.