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“The Sophia Wisdom Center has been an oasis of spiritual food and continues to be a safe haven for me to practice devotion to God Jesus and Mary.”

– Gabrielle



“I have been involved in churches off and on since I was a kid and I have now found my ‘Spiritual Home.’ As challenging as life can be, I have never been happier and I attribute much of that to being involved with the Sophia Wisdom Center!”



What We Do

Meditation and Healing

Learn how to engage deeply with your life, your feelings and the divine within. Through Meditation and Healing, learn the foundations of mindfulness, then use those skills to delve into three unique meditation practices that each provide avenues to deep inner healing.

Transformational Mysticism and Metaphysics Course

Your heart and mind are incredibly powerful forces for transforming your life. Experience for yourself how the universe responds to your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in predictable and controllable ways. Classes enrolling now.

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Spiritual classes and services both online and locally.